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Description: Bancock is an intimate cleanser specifically formulated for men's intimate care and hygiene. The fragrance of this product is Ebony Patchouli.

250ml intimate cleanser for men's hygiene 

Bancock is the intimate cleanser specifically formulated for male intimate care and hygiene with pH 5.5 (your handsome man) produced exclusively with natural ingredients and dermatologically tested.

What are Bancock's unique features? 

The fragrance of this product is Ebony Patchouli. The meeting of the sensual notes (stay focused on the description...) of Patchouli and the exotic and warm notes of the wood (we hope we haven't lost you now) of Ebony, ensure a fragrance that gives a moment of wild and mysterious well-being ( you we lost completely)!

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A PH balanced formula without sulfates, parabens, phthalates & synthetic colors.

We are proud to use organic natural products such as:

🖤 ​​Vegetable Charcoal: deep cleaning that helps remove bacteria, toxins and dirt. The presence of Activated Vegetable Carbon is the cause of the dark color of the product so don't worry. 

🍃 Organic Plantain: helps hydrate and protect the skin.

🌿 Aloe Vera Juice and Blueberry and Thyme Extracts: antioxidants and anti-inflammatories for better skin.

Shake the bottle well before use (not too much...).
Dose a small amount of product on the fingers and massage (the product...massage the product on the fingers) until a soft foam forms. Rinse thoroughly (but not for too long otherwise...)

Bancock è un prodotto che ha ottenuto la certificazione di Vegan Attitude. Certificazione che esclude qualsiasi forma di sfruttamento e crudeltà verso gli animali perpetrate per il prodotto.

Inoltre abbiamo ottenuto la certificazione da Biocosmesi Salute e Benessere che tutti i nostri prodotti rientrano nella categoria “Biocosmesi 70”: sulla totalità degli ingredienti naturali, almeno il 70% è biologico ai sensi del regolamento 834/2007 o della legislazione USDA.