The first Italian start-up born with the aim ofeducating man to keep himself "clean", while at the same time thinking about the good of the planet.

The project was born after an exchange of messages (yes, right at that moment):

“Oh but what soap do you use to wash yourself?”

“The same soap I use to wash my motorbike”

This made us realize that perhaps something was wrong.

This is why we invented ourselves INCREDY B**LS! A product studied and designed for baby's and his most precious parts, that it wasn't boring like others and that yes distinguesse for his fragrance It is composition!

Our girls' bubble baths, which we secretly use in the shower because we like to smell like coconut and almonds, to have skin as smooth as that of a child is a unique experience but they are not designed for our skin and our tastes.


After more than 3000 bottles sold, collaborations with entertainment personalities, successful companies like Escort Advisor and mentions in magazines come GQ we are more motivated than ever to take our products everywhere! Our mission is to increase attention we have for self-care and our private parts without prejudice, addressing this important topic with the right dose of irony. We do it with one particular attention to the environment reducing waste and using only Italian suppliers! Try our product And if you don't like it send it back to us within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund!