We like to make our customers enjoy:

we test and choose the best for them and when the various supplier companies offer us a new addition to the catalogue, we are strict (but fair) and evaluate all aspects to find something unique!

Incredy he won us over immediately, first of all for the irony with which he presents himself: a "male" irony that makes even "females" smile! The bold and respectful language had us laughing right away. And, as we know: land women you have to make them laugh!

Addressing serious topics with irony is our daily bread and genital hygiene is a topic Very serious.

We talk to the women in meetings. And we know the sensitive topics well.

The reunion LaVR it is a space for dialogue on various topics of sexual education and pleasure education, during which the consultant acts as a guide in the vast world of sexuality, choosing from a large Red suitcase (in fact ban on the term “Suitcase”) and offering the coolest products on the market. Which, I remind you, we personally select!

We do it in a witty and interesting way. Because we want to have fun and have fun.

The company was born in 2010, initially offering itself only to those who we considered most "penalized" in dealing with playful sexuality: people socialized as women.

To then quickly evolve and accommodate the requests of those who were previously "kicked out of the house" to make room for an evening with friends and are now our biggest fans: the man!

Thus, over time, everyone was able to organize or participate in our meetings!

Mixed meetings, in particular, are hilarious moments of sharing between "Mars" and "Venus" in which prejudices are broken down and we discover that we are not as different as they make us out to be!

And among the most loved topics, respect for oneself and for the other person through genital hygiene is certainly one of the most HOT.

“How do I tell him that I would like him to wash himself?”

Incredyballs allowed us to delve deeper into the topic of “cleanliness” and “personal odor”. Which concerns all people, of course!

But it also allowed us to deepen awareness related to the cleansing of the entire genital area; to the differences between vulva and penis; to the disclosure of what "phimosis" is; to the fact that there is no shame in choosing a perfumed and irreverent intimate cleanser and to many other aspects.

Including fun and mutual oral sex, of course!

We love it Incredy so much so as to collaborate in the various strategies, in dissemination (the webinar organized by Eduxo in co-hosting was epic) and in the creation of new products. So much so that when our boys were creating a clutch bag to contain Sex Toys, the first ones they asked "what would you like?" it was us. And a splendid product was born… Obviously!

A love story, therefore. Romantic and carnal, passionate and sensual love, just the way we like it. Where the protagonists are the genitals and the senses.

They take care of the "dirty work" preparing the soil. We transform that land into “playing ground”.

And they all lived happily, cleanly and happily!

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

You can contact a consultant by writing to: and indicating the area where the meeting would be organized. Or from our site, consultants section.

(You can also spy on the catalog from the shop. If you are attentive you will quickly understand “what women REALLY want”! 😉)

Elisa Ganazzin

Expert consultant in Sexual Education, Product and Training Manager of La Vita in Rosso

FB @elisaganazzin

IG @elisa_ganazzin

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