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GOOD WIPES - Disposable Wet Wipes

GOOD WIPES - Disposable Wet Wipes

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We live a busy life and we are always on the go. Not being cool like Napoleon Bonaparte we can't always have ours with us precious bidet. How to do it then? Directly from the laboratory INCREDY we created the Good Wipes.

They are fully compostable humidified and scented wipes to make your jewelery and your bottom always clean and fragrant, everywhere.

All this in convenient disposable sachets to always carry with you.

And no, they are not simple wipes: they are specifically designed for intimate hygiene.

We have created a composition that respects the pH of ours intimate areas and which gives a pleasant scent.

Non it's the usual lemon wipe you find at the restaurant or the one to clean newborns' butts!


We experienced it firsthand so here are ours for you usage tips:

  • After one of those bad experiences in the office bathroom or the restaurant;
  • At concerts after the pleasant use of chemical toilets;
  • At the disco when he runs away fellatio in the bathroom or outside the room and you still want to be on top of things and respectful;
  • After one long day at the office to refresh the body before an aperitif;
  • Before and after a fantastic one camp under the stars;
  • At the time of piss stop in Autogrill;
  • Every time that we are atabroad and we don't have our beloved bidet.

Always be on top. BE INCREDY

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